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Blankets designed to improve performance and longevity on press.

Kinyo, a major global manufacturer, leads the industry with innovative blanket development. Our commitment is to continue developing and delivering innovative products that improve quality and extend blanket life on press. Working in conjunction with major press manufacturers our R&D facility is working to develop the best blankets available for all machine types and applications.

We are committed to producing blankets that are friendlier to our environment. Kinyo is one of the first companies to advance the use of solvent free manufacture. With our unique ThermaSphere® technology manufacturing process we are also able to reduce a high percentage of Co2 emissions normally used in the production of blankets.

We also pride ourselves on the quality of our service and technical

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ThermaSphere® compressible layer

Offset printing is highly technical due to the often complex nature of the
finished products. At the heart of a Kinyo blanket is our revolutionary
ThermaSphere® compressible layer which provides excellent shock
absorption and recovery.

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ISEGA acreditation gained for food packaging

Kinyo ThermaSphere technology packaging blankets now have the seal of
approval from ISEGA. Our customers can now be fully compliant. ISEGA
testing certifies that our ThermaSphere packaging blankets are safe to be
used on materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.

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